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Medusa Island


A fabulously funny fantasy fiction novel for children aged 9 to 12
                                                    by Stuart and Linda Macfarlane

Chapter Click below for extract from the book.
2: Friends go missing In which two more people disappear or Simon discovers that he has lost three times as many marbles as he first thought.
5: Meeting Medusa Simon and Ross meet the girl with the world’s worst hair style.
6: Mythical Creatures Melissa tells an unbelievable story that Simon and Ross believe.
8: Sea Monster In which the Children get into a spin over a sea monster.
12: Monsters on the Common Ross discovers that it’s never a good idea to cheer fighting monsters.
13: Chased by the Minotaur Running scared from Minotaur to Minotaur.
17: Three ugly Harpies Danger, danger everywhere, on the ground and in the air.
25: Tricked by the Wood Nymph The wood nymph, Echo, makes Melissa do the Highland Fling—badly.
27- The Nine Headed Hydra Ross sets a riddle to checkmate the Nine-Headed-Hydra.
30: Chased by a crocodile bird Hamish the flying crocodile goes hunting.
32: The Chimera Mr. McRoast thinks the children are fast-food—but will they be fast enough?
34: The Cyclopes Melissa meets her father but he strikes her with a lightning bolt.
35: Help from Aello Getting to the castle with help from a friend with an ugly crooked beak.
37: Cerberus attacks Melissa tries to teach a three headed dog new tricks.
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